Backed by fifteen years’ experience

ACCIONA’s Sustainability Workshop is an updated continuation of the highly successful “Renewables, Energy for Sustainability” education program launched by ACCIONA’s energy division in 1994 in Catalonia and Navarre (Spain), in cooperation with local and regional education authorities. Now ACCIONA is taking this initiative to other countries that are also aware of the importance of education as an instrument for attaining sustainable development.

To date, nearly 100,000 primary and secondary schoolchildren and teachers have taken part in the program’s guided tours of ACCIONA renewables installations, such as wind farms, solar energy and mini hydro plants and biofuel production centers, among others.

As in previous years, the new Workshop also provides sustainability training courses for teachers and advice on how to treat sustainability issues in the classroom, as well as a range of teaching materials and an array of activities to complement the curriculum.

Thanks to continuous assessment by teaching staff, each year the program’s goals and content are modified according to the needs of each school.